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    • All Members with Rental Property in Dallas:
    • We have scheduled a special education session with the City of Dallas to go over their rental ordinance.
    • This session has been scheduled for Thursday, May 25th to begin at 9:30 am until 11:30 am in our Dallas office. The session will be held in Training Room 1.
    • MetroTex Association of REALTORS

      8201 N. Stemmons Frwy.

      Dallas, Texas 75247


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    Bills that could affect leasing and property management  
    While the Texas Legislature is in session, this newsletter will list bills being monitored by the Texas Association of REALTORS┬« that relate to leasing and property management:

    • HB 192: Relating to the prohibition of housing discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity or expression and to the enforcement of that prohibition.
    • HB 525: Relating to a central database containing information about offenders who have committed certain violent offenses against children or offenses involving family or dating violence.
    • HB 556: Relating to the civil liability of certain persons in connection with allowing or forbidding handguns on the premises of a business or apartment complex.
    • HB 606: Relating to the liability of a person who allows handguns to be carried on property owned, controlled, or managed by the person.
    • HB 804: Relating to the duty of a property owner to send a lessee of the property who is required to pay the ad valorem taxes on the property a copy of any notice of appraised value received by the property owner.
    • HB 996/SB 1425: Relating to the regulation of business entities that provide assistance animals.
    • HB 1097/SB 1374: Relating to the expunction of records in residential eviction suits.
    • HB 1098: Relating to the amount of late fees that may be charged to certain tenants.
    • HB 1099: Relating to a residential tenant's right to summon police or other emergency assistance.
    • HB 1534/SB 165: Relating to the prohibition of certain discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity or expression.
    • HB 1821/SB 921: Relating to a late fee for failing to pay rent under a residential lease.
    • HB 1964/SB 873: Relating to the authority and liability of owners and managers of apartment houses, manufactured home rental communities, condominiums, and multiple use facilities in charging tenants.
    • HB 1966: Relating to the carrying of a concealed handgun on the premises of a condominium or multifamily residential rental property.
    • HB 2001: Relating to fees charged by a consumer reporting agency for the placement, temporary lifting, or removal of a security freeze on the consumer file or record of certain consumers or protected consumers.
    • HB 2021/SB 712: Relating to the duration of certain protective orders against family violence.
    • HB 2176/SB 560: Relating to surcharges imposed for the use of a credit card.
    • HB 2301: Relating to affidavits concerning cost and necessity of services.
    • HB 2551/SB 451: Relating to regulation of short-term rentals by municipalities and counties.
    • HB 2727/SB 920: Relating to access to a residence or former residence to retrieve personal property, including access based on danger of family violence.
    • HB 2763/SB 1229: Relating to solid waste services for rental property and solid waste management programs in the extraterritorial jurisdiction of municipalities in certain counties.
    • HB 2805: Relating to the payment of costs for a cruelly treated animal abandoned by a tenant.
    • HB 2829: Relating to enforcement of certain unclaimed property laws.
    • HB 2992: Relating to assistance animals used by persons with disabilities and to the prosecution of the offense of misrepresenting an animal as an assistance animal.
    • HB 3229: Relating to the use of an assistance animal that provides assistance to a person with a disability.
    • HB 3363: Relating to a landlord's notice to residential tenants regarding rent increases.
    • HB 3401/SB 1445: Relating to methods of payment of rent and security deposits to residential landlords and authorizing associated service charges.
    • HB 3699: Relating to notice to and rights of certain residential tenants of premises purchased at a foreclosure sale.
    • HB 3700: Relating to the exclusion of a residential tenant from leased premises without judicial process.
    • HB 3868: Relating to the vote to authorize background and criminal history checks on tenant applicants by a property owners association.
    • HB 3879: Relating to nonlawyer representation in an appeal of an eviction suit.
    • HB 4012: Relating to notice of a scheduled disconnection of water utility service.
    • HB 4135: Relating to the right to vacate and avoid residential lease liability following the occurrence of family violence.
    • SB 86: Relating to the liability of a property owner who allows handguns to be carried on the owner's property.
    • SB 618: Relating to the liability of certain property owners who allow handguns to be carried on certain property.
    • SB 1057: Relating to inspection of certain vacant properties for abandoned animals; providing a civil penalty.
    • SB 1059: Relating to the term of a parking permit issued to a residential tenant by a landlord.
    • SB 1185: Relating to criminal history record information obtained or disseminated by certain private entities.
    • SB 1202: Relating to the rehabilitation, demolition, or change in use of residential property occupied by a tenant.
    • SB 1299: Relating to access to criminal history record information.
    • SB 1320: Relating to establishing a protective order registry and the duties of courts in regard to the registry.
    • SB 1418: Relating to a landlord's duty to maintain property and casualty insurance coverage for loss of or damage to a leased premises.

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    The FWMC Chapter's very own Tony Sims hard at work as Vice Chair of the Property Management Committee at TAR!

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